Expanded polystyrene segments for thermal insulation of pipelines

Expanded polystyrene products TENAPORS T are designed for thermal insulation of pipelines and other cylindrical devices and constructions.

TENAPORS T products are supplied as cylindric shell segments, without coverings and coatings. Continuous thermal insulation is formed on site by connecting the segments with longitudinal tongue-and-groove joints.

TENAPORS-T products are produced with wide range of internal diameter and thermal insulation thickness.

Products can be manufactured to individual order.



TENAPORS T advantages:

  • Low thermal conductivity, that significantly reduces heat losses or heat gains in the pipelines and decreases condensation risks;
  • Low water absorption - thermal insulation retains its functions in wet and moist environments;
  • Tongue-and-groove joint provide secure and airtight connection;
  • The shells are lightweight and easy to assemble – it reduces installation time and there is no need for highly trained workforce;
  • Long lifetime (with UV protection, even over 50 years);
  • Stable dimensions and shape during all lifetime;
  • A wide range of sizes - diameter from 10mm to 2200mm and more, insulation thickness from 30mm to 495mm;
  • High mechanical strength - pipelines can be assembled in trenches by laying them in the ground.



TENAPORS T is designed for:

  • Heat insulation for pipelines;
  • Thermal insulation of water supply pipelines;
  • Thermal insulation of sewage pipelines;
  • Thermal insulation of ventilation ducts;
  • Thermal insulation of industrial pipelines;
  • Thermal insulation of surface main pipelines;
  • Thermal insulation of underground main pipelines;
  • Heat insulation of wells;
  • Insulation of industrial tanks on the surface and underground;
  • Water storage tank insulation;
  • To improve the thermal properties of other cylindrical shaped devices, containers or structures.

TENAPORS T Declarations

TENAPORS T Technical data




TENAPORS T Methodical instructions


Products must be stored, with the product placed on a smooth flat surface of the supporting surface, in dry conditions, at temperatures not exceeding 70 ° C.

Long-term product storage on uneven surfaces or in a vertical position may cause deformation.

The products should not be stacked on top of anything, as well as packaged products should not be stacked one on the other.

There shall be no contact with solvents.

Keep away from children!


Before installing of the heat insulation surface must be clean and dry.

The pipeline must be surrounded by foam polystyrene shell, segment should be connected with a 10-20 cm displacement.

Each segment must be secured with adhesive tape in at least in one joint, all around the lining.

In situations where TENAPORS T is installed in areas exposed to open sun rays - the thermal insulation material must be protected from exposure to harmful UV radiation by wrapping it or covering with a suitable protective material (such as polyphenyl sulphide or polyvinyl chloride).

After mounting, the shell can be painted with water-based paints, thus identifying different pipelines (hot and cold water, etc.).

TENAPORS T For individual orders

TENAPORS NEO can be produced in a non-standard size plates (the maximum possible size of 4m x 1m x 1,2m)

+371 637 071 58

TENAPORS NEO can be produced in a non-standard size plates (the maximum possible size of 4m x 1m x 1,2m)

+371 637 071 58