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Thermal insulation plates

For quality and effectiveness of isolated foundations, walls, floors or roofs, TENAPORS materials are the best choice for all types of buildings, from private homes up production, public and educational buildings.



Thermal insulation sheets for highhumidity locations

Foamed polystyrene sheets TENAPORS EXTRA are an eco-friendly, inexpensive and efficient insulation material used in construction, namely, for thermal insulation of enclosing structures of buildings. They are particularly advisable for high-humidity locations such as underground structures of buildings (basements, foundations, floors) and supporting structures.

TENAPORS EXTRA sheets are produced in a molding press by thermally expanding pre-foamed polystyrene beads. The sheets may be continuously used as a thermal insulation material at ambient temperatures of up to + 80°C.



  • Minimal water absorption – the sheets are made with no cut edges so the possibility of water permeation in the material is very unlikely
  • High load resistance – the sheets are produced under high pressure by thermally expanding foam polystyrene beads, as a result of which high density sheets are obtained
  • Low thermal conductivity – the high density of a sheet makes an optimum mass/volume ratio which ensures the low thermal conductivity coefficient of the material
  • Minimal impact of moisture on thermotechnical parameters – the sheet production method ensures constantly low water absorption, preventing deterioration of the thermotechnical properties of the material over the course of time
  • Particularly precise dimensions – each sheet is made in a separate moulding press which ensures minimal deviation of dimensions
  • Efficient edge jointing – sheets are produced with a half-lap joint which ensures maximum air-tightness of joints and guarantees that no heat loss or moisture migration would occur through the joints



TENAPORS EXTRA is the best choice of thermal insulation for locations and structures with potentially high level of humidity and high load strength requirements (floors, roofs, flat roofs, underground structures of buildings such as basements and foundations). The thickness of sheets shall be determined during the design process in compliance with the construction design regulations stipulated in the construction standards and other regulatory documents.

TENAPORS EXTRA Technical data




TENAPORS EXTRA Methodical instructions


Products must be stored, with the product placed on a smooth flat surface of the supporting surface, in dry conditions, at temperatures not exceeding 70 ° C.

Long-term product storage on uneven surfaces or in a vertical position may cause deformation.

The products should not be stacked on top of anything, as well as packaged products should not be stacked one on the other.

There shall be no contact with solvents.

Keep away from children!