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Tenapors decoration elements for facades

Interior - it is limited space in which we are located, take a rest, work. It is an environment in which we find ourselves in a long time, which is why it is desirable that our area would be most comfortable and suitable for our needs.

Decorative elements

Expanded polystyrene decorative elements for trim of buildings

Expanded polystyrene products TENAPORS DECOR are designed for the trim of building facades and rooms. TENAPORS DECOR elements are produced in different shapes and sizes, with or without coatings.

Main indicators

  • Length from 500 ± 2 mm/m to 4000 ± 2 mm/m
  • Heightfrom 50 ± 2 mm to 1200 ± 2 mm
  • Thickness from 20 ± 1 mm to 1000 ± 1 mm


  • trim of room
  • facades
  • new buildings
  • trim renovation
  • restoration
  • replacing traditional gypsum products